Don't you worry boy it's a waste of time

my last icon post.

i made these a long while ago, but never posted them.
[001-023] new moon
[024-042] kristen
[043-057] pocahontas

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she's so lost in stero

stop there and let me correct it i wanna live a life from a new perspective.

i finally did this with cars' lights! i have always wanted to do it (:
sooo it's november now! Halloween is over and october is over. i hope everyone had a good halloween?! :D
been busy with schoool. i've been working really hard tho, so my grades are doin good! its good to know that
all the hard work is paying off.
and duuuudes!! im kind of excited for new moon :D it comes out in like 20 days now huh?! crasay!!
oooh i saw where the wild things are yesterday: it was soooo weird! LOL i kind of don't recommend it LOL! XD
oooh and that new "V" show comes out tuesday with that hat guy and juliet! im excited! :D it looks good, and
very interesting, so i will be watching it!
okayyy love ya'll and hope your doing good! and there is another picture under this cut: (:
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oh fudge nuggets

the truth never set me free, so i'll do it myself.

just did this bubble photoshoot! woo it was hard work LOL but i guess im proud of it? ehh.
you can see more on my new flikr. (:
i like flikr, but it makes me depressed. LOL! so many artists out there are so talented.
it makes me photos look like crap XD! but im not gonna give up! i just gotta keep
how is everyone? i miss ya'll! i hate skool. blahhhh XP
anyone been watching flashforward?!?! i am an addict! its sooo good!! bahh!! :D!
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she's so lost in stero

the butterflies fly away

did a family photo shoot with the fam at the beach(: unfortunetly, i wasn't the one
taking the pictures XD i only got this picture of the sunset, which i am rather proud of! yes the horizon
is slanted, but i like it :D

So how is everyone!? I miss ya'll! I've said it a thousand times, and i'll say it again:
BUT! I have some good ideas for some photoshoots im gonna squeeze in sometime
and i'll post em on here once i do em! i am very excited(:
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you're sort of beautiful

holy muthah futaher shiz niz.

New Moon will kill twilight!!! those were like 300 like graphics there!! SO AMAZING this just got
me excited LOL! buuut no that excited XD but when i did see it on TV, i was like flipping out LOL!!
i dont want to get too excited tho, and have my hopes crushed (cough cough hp-hbp cough)
sooo im just gonna keep being like blahh about it. :D (then hopefully i'll like it! BUAHA!!)
(: lovess you all!!
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taylor lautner in his ray bansess

oh i just can't wait to be king.

i just photoshopped this picture yesterday, and decided to post it! thats't my kitty on the top(:
and you can see both of these photos in my completed
photo a day album on smugmug!
sooo school has officially started, and summer is over! *tear* so sad. lol! all the hard work
that goes along with school has already started as well! it's gonna be a rough year @_@
im gonna try to post as much as i can! but i can barely go on the computer during the week
days ): tis quite sad. but that will not stop me from trying! annnnd
totally random, but thats okay!! i cant wait! 
and survivor starts on thursday, tooo!! excited for that as well!
hope everyone is doing well, and i hope everyone has a good end to the weekend and a good week! (:
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death is peaceful

my doorknob keeps falling off XO

awwwe isn't this adorable?!
so i went to the zoo yesterday with my brothers and their girlfriends. it was sooo much fun! we went at around
5ish, so it wasnt hot at all! it was nice & cool, and we got to see a bunch of the animals roaming around
in their cages and what not :D it was perdy awesome! my favorite was this mountain lion. he was paseing (spll?)
around in his cage, and i was trying to get some pics of him. and then at one moment, he stops right in front of me
and stares me straight in the eyes (or the camera lens LOL). seriously, my heart like skipped a beat! it's like he was
staring straight into my soul! it was pretty crazy. i made a little collage out of some pics, and he's right in the middle!

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not pennys boat

and when i dream it's all in black and white

see more pics from Big Bear right here!
Just got back from Big Bear! Twas very fun, and I got a lot of scraping done! LOL That rhymed XD
Anyways! I have registration for school tomorrow... ewwww. I am excited to get my schedule, but that's about it!
I really need to get in one last post of icons before school starts! Cause it's like impossible to post during school ):
ahhh depression LOL!
This is really random, but lately I've been checkin out photos by Alex Evans and Caiti Anne. They are both seriously,
like amazing. They take self portraits most of the time, and they are so good. It's such an inspiration to me.
I wish I could take photos of myself, but I can't XO blahhh anyways! Just a random post here! (:
Hope ya'll like the random Big Bear picaturesss! (:

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i am who i am

i'm walkin' straight lines round and round

Behold! My wall! LOL Lots of twilight.. and more twilight haha some random pictures on there, two calendars,
and yeahhh!
I've never posted a picture of it before, so I just decided to now since im bored out of my mind! bahh!!
So I just finished Eragon today. Has anyone read that? GASH the ending was so awful. I couldn't believe it.
The whole book was kinda boring actually.. well it was okay I guess haha I read it right after harry potter 7, so I should
give it a break. I mean, how can any book compete with harry?!? Impossible LOL!
I dont know what book to read now! I guess I should read Eldest and all that since the ending was such a cliff hanger XO
Anyone know any good books kind of as a good as harry potter!?  or twilight haha XD
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