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i am i, through my own eyes;

who am i? i'm sara. 16. crazy and clumsy. easily obsessive. fangirl. brunette. swimmer. i like a lot of things: twilight. harry potter. music. drawing. photography. chillin with bffs. being a twerd. dancing like a dweeb. photoshop. jumping off things. concerts. edward cullen <3. yellow; the color. swimming. fashion. skinny jeans & converse. cal bears. cookies. nature. p!atd. smugmug. ed westwick. taylor swift. lost. star trek. top chef. spock. pony beads. taylor warren. mini concerts. icons. camping. party boats. downtown disney @ night. house of blues. big bear. eragon. reading. tents.
my icons; no_body_panic. i love making icons, and i hope you enjoy them:) credit is really appreciated. im trying to get recognized. but if you dont credit, tis alright haha. comments are the nutella to my croissant<3

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